Ed Henderson at the Cultch (Georgia Straight)
After decades of playing a supporting role with everyone from Leon Bibb to his brother Bill’s band Chilliwack, guitarist Ed Henderson has finally released a solo acoustic record.
Intimate is quite simply mesmerising. This is an album I have listened to many times, and each time I am rewarded and inspired. Miles Black October 7,09

The samples sound amazing.  I have passed this on to Joe Mock in France and also Gaye Delorme both of whom I know would enjoy hearing it. Best of luck with your show and great success for your CD release,
Tom Lavin October 8,09

On behalf of all that attended Saturday’s ‘Intimate’ affair, I would like to sincerely thank you for sharing such a wonderful evening with us!!  Your talent for playing and storytelling truly made for a magical evening.  Thank you!

We look forward to receiving the information regarding the November 5th CD release party.
Barbara Bates, September 23, 09

like eating a rich cake or watching a sunset - just a lot of beauty to savour all at once.  It’s got a lot of variety & movement, so it carries you through without dragging or being too jolting.  Definitely should be listened to with a glass of BC wine
Patricia Bonham October 8, 09


Bloody marvelous.
Maxine Miller October 8, 09

This wonderful new album is a departure for guitarist Ed Henderson, who plays in the superb Vancouver Tango ensemble Tangissimo, among other things. There isn’t one cut of the 17 original compositions here that isn’t immediately attractive, lyrical, performed impeccably and with radiant tone and an absolute delight. Among its joys is a samba called Dance with the Devil, a Tarrega-like impressionism in Comes the Snow, the neo-baroque Eulalia and Latin-tinged material that suggests the Brazilian guitar master, Yamandu Costa.
The CD will reward many many replays. For me, the sound is a pure evocation of summer and the next brunch I have, this will be on the stereo, though it’s too good for talking.
Lloyd Dyck

I don’t know what to say.I’m speechless.You’re a friggin genius
Doug Edwards.       (Gotta go practice now)

It sounds great!  What a lot of musical and guitar riches!!  Look forward to the rest.
Victor and Lori Davies

You’re the best player I’ve heard so far on MySpace. (I heard some Ralph Towner in your playing - He was featured upstairs with Oregon when I was playing at Oil Can Harry’s) Keep up the good work!

Robbie Burns

Just a quick note to say … thank you! …  for sharing this wonderful gift that you have created ….. it is a constant inspirational companion in the car CD player.

Joyfully + Gratefully,


Michael McConville

Your CD is absolutely brilliant!!    I put it on my CD player at home last evening and had it playing non-stop.   I then took it with me this morning to play in the car on the way to work.   There is one cut - not too sure which one  but very early in the CD that gives me goosebumps;  but also brings with it a wonderful sense of calm and peace!!    I am tallying up how many I need for Christms gifts… I will place my order soon.    Thanks you so much for sharing your talent with us.    Josephine Norris.

I have to tell you how much I like your new CD.
I already listened it more than 10 times and more I listen it more I admire your talent.

I got same kind of feeling of listening Castelnuovo-Tedesco: “Platero and I” by Andres Segovia which is one of my favorit music. I can imagine some scene and story for each music.  I never get bored !

That’ll be great if someone can write poem for each piece and you perform with it.

What a masterpiece !

Congratulations !

Thank you for great music.
Eiichi Ishikawa

Have been playing your CD continuously all weekend. It’s magnificent…and I love the insert notes too.
Jacques Krasny

Ed … after Barb’s non-stop raving about how superb your CD (Intimate) is, I decided it was necessary to drop all work last evening in order to sit down with your recording …
a very good call on my part!

My God, Ed … over the many years I’ve been fortunate enough to know you, you’ve always represented the ultimate artist. Committed, adventurous, able to convey emotion, solicit response … but your journey has so far surpassed any imaginings.  This new offering of yours is breathtaking, Ed. Breathtaking!

Every track is blessed with a sort of mystical wonder. I’m smitten with both “Eulalia” and “Shashi’s Coming”… and the production is absolutely superb. Tasteful, gorgeous!

… the packaging, in every way, impresses. The liner notes are beautifully expressed and so lovely to read. (The cover is … well,  perfect.)

I know that you’re proud of this disc, Ed - as well you should be. Congratulations … and thanks (again) for thinking to send us this very special gift.